Selected publications


Regulation of NOTCH signaling by RAB7 and RAB8 requires carboxyl methylation by ICMT.

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Hedgehog is required for CySC self-renewal but does not contribute to the GSC niche in the Drosophila testis. Amoyel M, Sanny J, Burel M, Bach EA. Development. 2013 Jan 1;140(1):56-65

Isoprenylcysteine carboxylmethyltransferase deficiency exacerbates KRAS-driven pancreatic neoplasia via Notch suppression.

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JAK/STAT signaling is required for hinge growth and patterning in the Drosophila wing disc.
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Somatic stem cell differentiation is regulated by PI3K/Tor signaling in response to local cues.
Amoyel M*, Hillion KH, Margolis SR, Bach EA*. *Corresponding authors
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Socs36E Controls Niche Competition by Repressing MAPK Signaling in the Drosophila Testis.
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An ancient defense system eliminates unfit cells from developing tissues during cell competition.
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